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MAYHEM246 Crop Over supported events schedule
Dates and events are subject to change based on the official Crop Over schedule and availability of events. 

Tuesday, August 1st

Suggested arrivals

Wednesday, August 2nd  

Fyah D Wuk (2pm – 11pm) 

Rise Together (2pm – 11pm) 

Thursday, August 3rd  

Suggested excursions

Lush (4pm – 11pm) 

Lifted (4pm – 11pm) 

Friday, August 4th  

Candy Coated Cruise (10am - 3pm) 

Mimosa (2pm – 11pm) 

Saturday, August 5th

Foreday Day Morning Jump  (2am – 9am) 

Bliss (6pm - 11pm) 

Elevate (6pm - 11pm)  

Sunday, August 6th  

Brekfus (7am - 2pm) 

Limerz** (11am – 3pm) 

Soca Brainwash (5pm - 11pm) 

Monday, August 7th  

Kadooment Day  (7am - 4pm)

Rewhine (4pm - 12am)  

Tuesday August 8th

Suggested departures/Excursions


Wednesday August 9th

Suggested departures


** additional events, available upon request. 
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