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When should I fly to the island?

Based on the days you have available we would encourage you to take a full week traveling. This gives you the opportunity to experience the festival’s climax including majority of the fetes and of course some sightseeing.  Many people come for longer or shorter stays, if that makes more sense for your schedule, contact us so that we can pick the right package for you.  

This is my first time to Barbados, what is the weather like and what should I wear?

Barbados is a tropical island, and although majority of the time it is sunny, based on the time of your arrival expect a few showers. We would encourage you to dress cool and comfortable. All events are outdoors, so pick the right clothes and shoes for you to dance in grass or on the sand. Also, ensure you pack swimwear for your trips to the beach, pool or cruise events while on the island.

What else is there to do on the island?

Oh there is so much to do in Bim! You can set sail on a catamaran (lunch cruise or sunset) swim with the turtles, enjoy cultural and historic dinner shows, visit the caves on the island, join the island safari conga line, go shopping or just simply lime on the beach with an ice cold beer If you are interested in adding additional excursions to your trip, contact us and we can help to coordinate several options for you. 

So, transportation will be provided?

Transportation will be provided to the events and excursions based on the package you select.  All transportation to events in your package are covered in your costs. However, if you'd like to see the island as a local, it is very easy to get around either using public transportation, which is $3.50BDS ($1.75USD) or there are taxis always willing to take you to your destination.

What exactly is a fete and what do I wear?

A fete is what we call a party in Barbados and most Caribbean islands. With regards to your dress, it is important that you are comfortable, however look your best. Dress to suit the fete. There are three major “categories” of fetes. There is the Beach fete where is beach wear is appropriate, this is the same for most cruises depending  on the time of day. Cooler fetes are typically more casual and there are the All Inclusive fetes which are a little more high end. Ladies, heels are cute but not necessary! Your feet will be burning if you choose to wear them to a fete. Please note that camouflage style clothing is NOT permitted in Barbados. 

What if I want to go to more events?

If your package does not include events that you'd like to go to, please check out our event schedule. Mayhem246 supported events are listed and can be added to your package at anytime (based on ticket availability) with added handling and transportation fees. Unfortunately, we are unable to purchase tickets to events outside of the Mayhem246 supported events but we are happy to give you recommendations if you are interested in learning about other events. 

What are the crowds like in a fete?

It depends on the event, most crowds are pretty large, however organized. There maybe  some lines as we enter the event and await food and drinks. Everyone is there to party so the crowds are hype.

Will I hear hip hop in the fete?

As it is Crop Over, it isn’t likely that you will hear hip hop. Be prepared to hear mainly bajan soca, depending on the fete and dj.

I understand that you don't include the hotel stay, how do I find a hotel?

We have a list of suggested hotels in the St. Lawrence Gap area of Christ Church available for our Mayhem246 crew to find the right stay at the best price point. The Gap (as its called) is great for both tourist and locals as it provides a host of restaurants and nightlife activities. The hotels listed have gotten positive reviews from past Mayhem246 participants. Options like Airbnb and Vrbo are also available on the island. 

When should I start booking my flight and hotel?

We encourage folks to plan early! Thousands of people come to Barbados each year for the festival and with an island of just 266 square miles, places book up fast. Get your airline tickets as soon as possible. We recommend booking your flight anywhere from December - February. The closer you get to July, the more expensive the flights will be. Hotels also tend to get booked quickly. We encourage folks to book their hotel stays by late January/early February, so that you can get the best rates. 

I'm interested! How do I sign up? 

Signing up to be a part of the Mayhem246 crew is easy. Go to the "contact" tab and send us an email. We'll send you the terms and agreement and registration form where you can chose your fete type and excursions. Once those are returned, you must pay the $200 non-refundable deposit to hold your space. We've broken down the cost in several easy installments. Then you can sit back and we'll take care of all the work. 

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