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Often when people describe the atmosphere of a carnival, they think of the feeling they get moving from fete to fete, the community in making new friends and meeting up with old ones, and being intoxicated by the drums, beats and bass of the soca. Mayhem246 is about getting caught up in the chaos, the rhythm and the intense vibes of the carnival season. 

Our goal is simple:  to provide an easy, safe and fun Crop Over experience for new and returning revelers and fetters of the festival. 

We chose MAYHEM246, a combination of the area code for Barbados and a descriptor of the fun that we will have together. It will truly be mayhem! 


Barbados is a small island with a rich and deep history. Lovers of the Crop Over festival are swept away by the music, people and traditions. We are dedicated to providing our fetters with an exceptional Crop Over experience that will make you lose yourself. We hope that you will create mayhem with us!

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